SPANTAX SA Transportes Aereos

Spantax conducted maintenance on its fleet in a number of airports. The primary maintenance base was in Palma. There were secondary maintenance bases in Las Palmas, Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife and Barcelona. In the late 1970s Spantax employed 16 engineers and over 200 mechanics. Spantax also contracted out some of its heavier maintenance.

Palma Maintenance Base

Spantax had a two bay hangar at the end of one of the runways in Palma. This was where the fleet was maintained. Spantax conducted various checks and carried out modifications on various aircraft here. Looking at various aircraft operated by Spantax. The data relates to the late 1970s. At that Spantax operated DC6, DC8, DC9, DC10, CV990, Dash 7 and Twin Otter.

The DC6 was fully maintained by Spantax in either their base at Palma or Las Palmas, as indeed was the Twin Otter. The DC8 and DC9 had A and B checks completed by Spantax. The DC8s were sent toUnited Airlines in San Francisco for their C and D Checks. The DC9s were sent to Swissair in Zurich for their C and D Checks.

The Convair CV990 was an unusual jet. Spantax took care of the entire maintenance of the CV990. In 1978 Spantax received clearance to complete D Checks on the CV990 fleet. The very first CV990 to be given a D Check in Palma was EC-BZO. The D Check took approximately 14 weeks.

Spantax also carried out various modifications on the CV990 during their career with Spantax. In 1975 Spantax installed smoke reducing nozzles on the engines. This had a twofold effect namely a reduction of smoke trails and a reduction in fuel burn. The airline also discovered that fuel burn was further reduced by flying the aircraft at a slower speed, although this reduced the chances of marketing the fastest subsonic airliner. Spantax also developed a modification to increase the seating capacity, a new galley was developed which enabled the seating capacity to be raised to 149 passengers.

Swissair and Balair also contracted Spantax out for line maintenance on their DC9s in Palma.

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